Hoard of the Dragon Queen FG

hiking to the camp
find the monk

Escobert and Tarbaw thanked us to help them with keeping the city safe.
they asked us to follow the raiders and they wanted to give us 250 gold if we could answer some questions where is the camp? how many raiders? who are the leaders? what’s their motivation? and what city are they going to attack next ?
our group wanted to start the trip to the camp by following the tracks but were stopped by a monk (nesim walandra) who wanted to tell us something.
before the attacks they have been in candlekeep to investigate about a dragon cult. when they were on the way back from candlekeep to Berdusk they were attacked by cultists and Leozin Erlantar was lost after the attack , the only thing they found of him was leather choker with a silver dragon symbol and his staff, Nesim asked us if we could find his friend , the other brother was also on his way to Berdusk to find help.
our group followed the tracks and came to band of 4 humans and 8 kobolds , we took the unarmed cultists by surprise and the kobolds ran away. we were able to take one cultist as prisoner and he could give an answer to four of the five questions we needed to know for Castellan and Tarbaw, he only didn’t know where/which city they were going to struck next.
he also could tell the place were they held the prisoners…

protecting the keep
fight with the big guy

After we got rid of the first group of raiders a second group tried to enter the same sally port , we easilly shook them off and took a prisoner from one of the cultists.

after the fight we healed ourselfs up and were waiting to investigate the prisoners.

we heared a bunch of raiders coming to the the castle , it was a bunch of kobolds/cultists and one bigger person (Langdedrosa cyanwrath) , with them was a lady and two children , the big guy spoke to us and made us an offer , he would release those people if one of us fought him if we attacked them they would die. the husband of the lady begged us not to attack them and urged us to release them. Conor Goodbarrel stood up and went without doubt to confront the big guy. the fight was heroic but Conor was kicked unconscius and layed on the ground. Landedrose laughed sardonic but released the prisoners and left with his minions.

Conor survived the fight but when we wanted to investigate the prisoners/cultists he wanted to kill them we were able to stop him and put him aside.
thanks to the charm of orillana we could easily investigate the prisoner were the camp is and that they are protecting dragoneggs in that camp and they are members of the cult of tiamat

Our adventurers
An overview of the heroes that make up our party

The smallest of the group, but certainly not with the smallest heart, is the halfling bard Conor (Goodbarrel). Possessing a sharp tongue, a considerable talent for song and music and an insatiable desire to make a name for himself in the world and prove his worth, he combines a healthy dose of enthousiasm, with a perhaps unhealthy lack of self-preservation.

The party’s druid is a somewhat cold and distant Wood Elf who goes by the name of Orilana (Amarth). Not keen on cities and preferring the company of wild animals to other people, she has nevertheless been compelled to come to Greenest, and finds herself in the present company. Why did she come to Greenest, and will she maybe warm up to the other people in her party?

Hailing from the distant realm of Mulan is our human (variant) warlock named Mumed (Fezim). After many years of studying and researching (eldritch) magic, dragon lore and other arcana, and specialising in long ranged spell combat, he has made the long journey to the Sword Coast after their realm’s protector, a Fey Dragon, has mysteriously vanished, leaving the realm of Mulan defenseless against the numerous enemies coveting it’s riches and resources. Here, Mumed hopes to find the answers that will save his people.

Erevan (Holimion) is the group’s rogue. A Wood Elf with very keen senses and a talent for moving quietly and unseen, he is already quite formidable at archery, his arrows rarely missing their mark. Not too fond of making merry, he has already shown a dislike for Conor’s singing and music, although they get along fine otherwise, and is more interested in doing things efficiently rather than in style. When seeing him in action in combat, one cannot help but marvel at his talent at killing and wonder where he honed his skills.

Greenest in Flames!
The story so far...

Having met up randomly (or not!?) in a tavern not far from Greenest, our party was quickly pulled into their first adventure when a raiding party (including an Adult Blue Dragon!) swarmed over the small village, bent on a looting spree.

After arriving in Greenest and witnessing the chaos firsthand, their attention was drawn to a fleeing family of 5: mother, father and 3 children.

Our heroes fought valiantly to protect them from a band of kobolds, part of the invading raiders, and managed to escort most of them safely to the town’s Keep, the exception being the father who was brutally cut down despite our heroes best efforts to prevent it.

On arriving at the Keep as the last party to be allowed in before the big iron gates were closed to keep out the advancing raiders, they proceeded to offer assistance to Tarbaw Nighthill, governor of Greenest, and to the Castellan (Keepmaster) Escobar the Red.

They proceeded to clear out the old tunnel leading to the river, to provide a covert way in and out the now surrounded keep, and used it to sneak out to go defend the nearby water mill, an invaluable resource for this small town, which had come under attack.

Upon returning, they were confronted with an attack by the Dragon, who had until then been mostly passively circling the Keep. In an astounding feat for our inexperienced group, they managed to hurt the vain Dragon (who apparantly was not interested in completely annihilating the town, which it was capable of) enough to coerce it to leave the area.

This bring us to the current situation.

A small group of raiders that was patrolling the castle had managed to find the small sally port leading into the Keep and forced it open. They were swiftly slain, by the combined efforts of the ground forces, bard Conor and druid Orilana, with support from the Keep’s Tower from the party’s warlock Mumed and rogue Erevan.

With the party now guarding a mageling who is magically repairing the sally port, our story continues when another group of raiders, having noticed the broken port being repaired, rush towards our heroes to try and stop them…


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