Hoard of the Dragon Queen FG

hiking to the camp

find the monk

Escobert and Tarbaw thanked us to help them with keeping the city safe.
they asked us to follow the raiders and they wanted to give us 250 gold if we could answer some questions where is the camp? how many raiders? who are the leaders? what’s their motivation? and what city are they going to attack next ?
our group wanted to start the trip to the camp by following the tracks but were stopped by a monk (nesim walandra) who wanted to tell us something.
before the attacks they have been in candlekeep to investigate about a dragon cult. when they were on the way back from candlekeep to Berdusk they were attacked by cultists and Leozin Erlantar was lost after the attack , the only thing they found of him was leather choker with a silver dragon symbol and his staff, Nesim asked us if we could find his friend , the other brother was also on his way to Berdusk to find help.
our group followed the tracks and came to band of 4 humans and 8 kobolds , we took the unarmed cultists by surprise and the kobolds ran away. we were able to take one cultist as prisoner and he could give an answer to four of the five questions we needed to know for Castellan and Tarbaw, he only didn’t know where/which city they were going to struck next.
he also could tell the place were they held the prisoners…



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