Hoard of the Dragon Queen FG

protecting the keep

fight with the big guy

After we got rid of the first group of raiders a second group tried to enter the same sally port , we easilly shook them off and took a prisoner from one of the cultists.

after the fight we healed ourselfs up and were waiting to investigate the prisoners.

we heared a bunch of raiders coming to the the castle , it was a bunch of kobolds/cultists and one bigger person (Langdedrosa cyanwrath) , with them was a lady and two children , the big guy spoke to us and made us an offer , he would release those people if one of us fought him if we attacked them they would die. the husband of the lady begged us not to attack them and urged us to release them. Conor Goodbarrel stood up and went without doubt to confront the big guy. the fight was heroic but Conor was kicked unconscius and layed on the ground. Landedrose laughed sardonic but released the prisoners and left with his minions.

Conor survived the fight but when we wanted to investigate the prisoners/cultists he wanted to kill them we were able to stop him and put him aside.
thanks to the charm of orillana we could easily investigate the prisoner were the camp is and that they are protecting dragoneggs in that camp and they are members of the cult of tiamat



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